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Media response

«Millionenbusse für Palmölfirma»

21. 1. 2014 –Tages-Anzeiger (CH)

Article about the historic court ruling in Aceh: The Palm Oil Company Kalista Alam got sentenced to a million dollar amount.

Article (de)

«Solving the riddle of the palm oil boom»

December 2014 – BBC Wildlife (GB)

Documentation about the problematic with palm oil and the threat to go along for the orangutans.


«Seltene Greifvögel getötet» (Rare Birds of Prey killed)

20. 2. 2015 – Tages Anzeiger (CH)

Article about the poisening of the peregrine falcons.

Article (de)

«Verletzliche Räuber» (vulnerable predators)

18. 3. 2014 – Andelfinger Zeitung (CH)

Article about the workshop for the animal rescue-staff in the sanctuary.

Article (de)

«Ein Stück Wildnis im Weinland zurück erobert» (Reconquered a piece of wilderness in the Weinland)

11. 3. 2015 – Schaffhauser Nachrichten (CH)

Article from Petra Zajec, Director of the Nature Centre, about the new habitats which developed due to renaturation.

Article (de)

«Spurensuche im Reich der Biber» (trace tracking in the empire of the beaver)

25. 3. 2014 – Der Landbote (CH)

Report of the family adventure beaver day.

Article (de)