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CLARITY AT LAST! DECLARATION OBLIGATION FOR PALM OIL In Tripa, hundrets of hectares of rainforest have been cleared due to palm oil plantations. Full view


Since this year, there is an obligation – also in Switzerland – to clearly declare and label palm oil as an ingredient to any product. Finally this creates transparency and makes it easier for the consumer to buy goods consciously.

In 2013, the Federal Department of Home Affairs announced that all products containing palm oil will have to be labeled accordingly in Switzerland. Until recently, palm oil fell under the designation “vegetable oils”. As a result, the consumer did not know exactly from which plant the oil had been extracted.

The mandatory labeling of palm oil in food products is a big success for the protection of the rainforest and therefore also for the orang-utans. The reduction of the worldwide consumption of palm oil is essential for the long-term conservation of the orang-utans and their biosphere. 68 % of all food products contain palm oil. In order to satisfy the high demand for palm oil, enormous areas of the rainforest are cleared. The main growing areas of these monocultures are Indonesia and Malaysia: these two countries account for around four fifths of the global production.

Make use of the improved transparency and buy consciously – wherever possible, do without palm oil.

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