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AN ANIMATIONFILM FOR THE ORANGUTANS Watch our new animated infographic film! Full view


What has the frozen pizza in my fridge got to do with the orangutans on Sumatra? Our new animated clip offers a short and concise explanantion of the palm oil problem and presents the work of our Sumatra Orangutan Conservation Programme.

Last year our intern Frédéric Andres, doing his civilian service at our foundation, created an animated clip about PanEco. Now, he has trumped his previous work with an impressive illustration of the palm oil problem and of our work for the orangutans on Sumatra. You can watch both beautiful images of the rainforest but also of the severe threat to it caused by palm oil.

We are truly impressed by his work and we want to share it with you: Watch the animated film about the Sumatra Orangutan Protection Programme and share it with your family, your friends and your colleagues.

A big « thank you » to Fred !

Watch the film now !