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A BABY FOR JANTHO It is heart-warming how «Marconi» takes care of her baby «Masen». Full view


What a joy! For the first time a baby of a former captive orangutan mother has been found in our reintroduction area in Jantho. It’s not taken for granted that a reintroduced animal is procreating but rather a sign that we are on the right track.

On Septemer 11th an orangutan mother with a six to eight month old baby has been spotted in the rainforest of Jantho. It was clearly recognisable that it was the orangutan «Marconi» who once was held captive as an illegal pet by a police officer. This female orangutan was reintroduced in Jantho in 2011 after she was saved by our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programm and nursed back to health in our rescue and rehabilitation station.

Monitoring teams are out in the reintroduction areas to observe the released orangutans. Are the free living animals doing well? Are they in good health? Where do they cloister themselves? How is the food availability in the rain forest?

It is a great pleasure for us that a reintroduced orangutan is having offspring for the first time. Our aim is to establish a new self-sustaining orangutan population by reintroducing them back into the wild. Down to the present day 100 orangutans are already released into a territory of rainforest, which is under strict protection and in which no orangutans were living so far. This population could work as a safety net if other in some cases really small populations are going to become extinct. The offspring shows that Jantho is perfectly qualified as a reintroduction area and that our work for the protection of orangutans bears fruit.

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