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A «HAPPY END» FOR A VERY SPECIAL ORANGUTAN FAMILY Finally released Ganteng Full view


The story of Gober and her twins Ginting and Ganteng was marked with ups and downs. Now, right on time for the twins’ fifth birthday, this story comes to an unexpected but very happy end. Shortly before his birthday and for the first time at all, Ganteng built his nest for the night outside of the protective confines of the releasing station. He acts like a wild orangutan now and takes not much notice of the SOCP team anymore that will follow him and his orangutan friends for some time to monitor their behaviour in the rainforest. This is a truly wonderful result for an orangutan who grew up in the rehabilitation station.

Ian Singleton, Director of the Sumatran Orangtuan Conservation Programme SOCP, about Gantengs progress:

«To be honest it’s actually amazing to me that both Gober and Ganteng are now living free as wild orangutans in Jantho, Aceh. Back in 2011 when the twins were born, Gober was still totally blind, and we never expected she would again be free in a forest. That changed completely when we were able to do surgery on her cataracts. I remember very well the birth of the twins too. We knew Gober was pregnant, and due any day, but had no idea that she’d present us with twins. The only downside is that poor little Ginting didn’t make it this far, even though when Ganteng was left behind we all thought it would be Gober and Ginting that would be the big success story, not her twin brother. But still, like I said, theirs is an incredible story, and, despite the sadness, also a very positive and heartwarming one. Gober, who we always knew was elderly, gets to live out her days in a spectacularly beautiful and rich forest, much better in fact than where she first came to us from. She might even be pregnant again already, we are not sure. And now Ganteng is also making really excellent progress as a wild orangutan. So happy 5th birthday little guy…..and I hope there are many many more truly «Wild Birthdays» to come!». Ian Singleton, Director SOCP

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