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A TOUR THROUGH THE ORANGUTAN STATION The rescue and rehabilitation station is currently home to 45 orangutans. Full view


We invite you to get to know our rescue and rehabilitation station, an important part of our Orangutan Conservation Programme. Orangutans pass through several stages in the station until they can live autonomously in the rain forest again.

An hour`s drive from the city of Medan, you will find our rescue and rehabilitation station. Young animals spend up to five years in the station, learning all they have to learn for their future life in the forest. Others, especially older animals, remain in our care until their state of health permits a release.

Here you can find the complete map of the station:

The picture gallery shows only some of the numerous enclosures in the station. For example, there are a number of additional cages , which offer interim space should other enclosures be occupied. In addition, there are mobile enclosures for other animal species, such as gibbons, which the station may occasionally put to use at short notice.

>The rescue and rehabilitation station
>The reintroduction station