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ADULT ORANGUTAN MALES ARE UNDERGOING A ROUTINE MEDICAL CHECK Solely when sedated is this possible: Two caretakers are working on the impressive teeth of the orangutan male Leuser. Full view


Every year in January, it is time for a medical routine examination: The orangutan males «Leuser» and «Fahzren» underwent their check.

In the rescue and rehabilitation station of our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme there are currently four adult males cared for that unfortunately cannot be released into the wild anymore. Their injuries or illnesses are too severe and will not allow them to survive in the rainforest independently. However, a new life awaits them in the «Orang-Utan-Haven», which is being built at the moment, to spend their old age peacefully without bars and to enjoy life as freely as possible. Two orangutans, Leuser and Fahzren underwent their medical check of heart and kidneys on the 26th of January 2019. In order to prevent the spreading of contagious diseases to other animals, the annual medical check is essential to both the orangutans themselves as well as to other patients in the rescue and rehabilitation station.

To transport the 78 kg Leuser and the 72 kg Fahzren from the cages to the clinic smoothly, they were temporally sedated so they could be examined. The check concluded that in overall the orangutans are well. They were de-wormed and will receive additional vitamins regularly. What’s more, Leuser had a mild fungal infection at this fingers which fortunately could be treated without any problems.

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