Bye bye Deka!

Since 2016 orangutan Deka was in our care in the rescue and rehabilitation station in Sumatra. A few weeks ago, he came a decisive step closer to a life in freedom. A touching film was made of the transport to the reintroduction station in Jambi.

Our board of trustees

Elections for the Board of Trustees of the PanEco Nature Conservation Foundation took place in November 2021. Peter Hollenstein and Thomas Hofstetter were newly elected to the Council, while six existing members were confirmed in office.

Jantho Ranger Federation

The Jantho Ranger Federation (JRF) is a partnership between the SOCP, BKSDA Aceh (local government conservation authorities) and local Community Rangers. Together, we work to monitor orangutans in remote forest areas and to protect the forest habitat and all the wildlife within.

How it all began

What began many years ago as a visionary’s project has celebrated its anniversary in 2021. We are talking about our Thurauen Nature Centre. An employee since the very beginning, Cornelia Jenny, and the current deputy manager of the Thurauen Nature Centre, Sonja Falkner, look back on the last few years.

The Tapanuli orangutan

In 2017 the journal Current Biology published an event that last occurred in 1933. In the paper an international team of scientists, including several members of our own Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme team, described a new species of Great Ape, the Tapanuli orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis), living the Batang Toru ecosystem in North Sumatra.
Sadly, with less than 800 individuals thought to remain in the wild the new species also became, overnight, probably the most endangered great ape species in the world. Nevertheless, we have been working to protect the orangutans in the Batang Toru forests since 2004, and continue to do all we can to secure the future of this Critically Endangered species and its habitat.

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