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Active for PanEco

Donation at an event

Collect donations at private events

Will you soon be celebrating a wedding, a milestone birthday or another party for private or business purposes? Do you want to actively promote PanEco and our projects? Contact us so that we can send you the right documents for your preferred project.
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Voluntary work

Teams of volunteers at the nature centre and bird of prey sanctuary

At the Thurauen Nature Centre in Flaach, the members of the team of volunteers help us at reception, in the visitor information section and at various events. At the Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary there is also a small but useful group of volunteers. For our projects in Indonesia we are not currently recruiting any volunteers from Switzerland.

> Voluntary work at the bird of prey sanctuary (de)

> Team of volunteers at the Thurauen Nature Centre (de)

Compulsory community service

In our work in the projects in Switzerland and Indonesia and also at the office in Berg am Irchel we can count on the active support of people doing compulsory community service. If you are still looking for a place to work for your compulsory community service, go to the compulsory community service website to find out about the service profiles

> Compulsory community service at PanEco (de/fr/it)


Support our commitment in your everyday life:

  • When you are shopping, make sure you buy products without palm oil or with palm oil from sustainable, organic production.
  • Whenever possible, buy seasonal products from the region and only FSC-certified wood from Europe.
  • Create an environmentally-friendly garden: plant indigenous bushes and flowers, arrange a pile of branches and stones, ensure there are nesting aids for birds and wild bees.
  • Motivate your friends, acquaintances and relatives to have an environmentally-conscious and sustainable lifestyle.