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BUSY TIMES IN SUMATRA Young orangutans in Mbelin Full view


13 new arrivals in less than three months! Thats the sad summary of this years summer. Now it`s time to feed up our patients and give them a perspective to live in the jungle again soon!

In less than three months our rescue and rehabilitation station of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme received over a dozen new orangutans. In less busy times around 40-50 great apes are usually in our care – but not this summer!
While the babies are dependend on a 24//7 care package, others are seriously injured and therefore reliant on medical care.

The increased need of our work is due to a two-edged sword: Rainforests are being cut or burnt down. In doing so, the orangutans lose their basis of existence, and many apes are dependend on human help. The other reason for our busy summer is much more positive: The Sumatran inhabitants know, that keeping the apes as pets is strictly forbidden. Our public relations activities are therefore succesful. Like always: The truth is in between these two scenarios.

In the following section we would like to introduce a few of the new arrivals to you. The SOCP team works hard to ensure that every single animal has its individual plan in order to be released into the forest as healthy and as soon as possible.

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