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CONTRABAND ORANGUTANS Orangutan-babies have a very affectionate nature – as does this new arrival called «Digo». Full view


On the 29th of June, three very young orangutans were brought into the Rescue and Rehabilitation Station of our Orangutan Conservation Programme.All three of them had been confiscated from a dealer’s hands at the harbour of «Port of Dumai» in Sumatra.

The three orangutans are a one and a half year old  female  called «Dupa»,  the one year old female «Duma» and «Digo», who is a three months old male. All three of them seemed to be shy and restrained. They were quite fearful of humans. Their state of health was according to circumstances: the nervous strain and their dehydrated state had become apparent. After giving them a little time to settle down and rest at the station, all the three arrivals had to undergo a medical test by the team. Thanks to an x-ray and blood tests, potential risks of tuberculosis, hepatitis or similar threats could be excluded.

The three young orangutans had been captured some time during the past 18 months. It is most likely that their mothers were killed, since orangutan-mothers protect their young fiercely. Fortunately, the future of these young orangutans looks brighter: One day they will be given back their freedom. However, it will take them eight to twelve years until they are independent enough to live on their own in the rainforest. Until then, they will stay at the Rescue and Rehabilitation Station where they will learn everything what it takes to survive in the wild.

Unfortunately, the trade with young orangutans is still a frequent practice in Indonesia. Although the trade is banned, there are about 22 orangutans that are brought to the Rescue and Rehabilitation Station every year. Most of them were supposed to be sold on the black market. Thanks to tip offs from locals or public authorities, we or other organisations can confiscate the orangutans in cooperation with the police and take them to our Rescue and Rehabilitation Station.