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A FORMER PATIENT RETURNS Already his second time as a patient: «Julius» previously stayed at the Rescue and Rehabilitation Station in 2011/12 - Orang-Utan Julius in der Auffang- und Pflegestation im Juli/August 2019 Full view


On the 25th of June Orang-Utan «Julius» was brought into the Rescue and Rehabilitation Station of our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP

with an injured leg. Soon after, he was operated on by the SOCP’s veterinarians and a Swiss surgeon.


«Julius» was 4 years old at the time of his first stay, before he was moved to the reintroduction station in the province of Jambi. In 2012, he was content to be released into the rainforest. However, «Julius» was found in the forest this June with an injured leg. The injury required immediate attention. He was operated on by our veterinarians and the Swiss orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Andreas Messikommer on the 30th of June 2019. The latter has already travelled to Sumatra multiple times, to administer to challenging cases. He offers his expertise and skills voluntarily and free of charge.

Fortunately, «Julius» seems to be in perfect health aside from his injured leg. Furthermore, he seems to be emotionally stable. He avoids humans, which is a good sign for a wild animal. Ever since the operation the condition of his leg has been improving continuously. He already begins to use it again to climb and move around. Nonetheless, he will need some more training to strengthen his muscles before he can be released into nature once again. We hope that «Julius» will require no further treatment at the Rescue and Rehabilitation Station and from now on be able to lead a free (of accidents) and healthy life.

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