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A VERY PERSONAL STORY: CONFISCATED OUT OF ILLEGAL CAPTIVITY Possibility to romp around: "Siga" in her temporary home. Full view


Slowly the hair grows back in «Siga»‘s neck. The traces of her captivity are gradually disappearing.

At the beginning of March this year, the young Orang-Utan lady «Siga» was freed from illegal captivity and brought to the rescue and rehabilitation station. The three-year-old orangutan suffered from malnutrition when she arrived.

Today she is much better. The traces of being tethered up are slowly disappering. The routinely performed medical tests show: “Siga” is doing well. After the initial period in the quarantine, she now lives in a socialization cage with other orangutans. However, she does not seem to place much importance on the contact with the other apes. She is more than skeptical towards both them and humans and her behavior indicates a level of irritation.

Despite her past «Siga» shows many signs of a wild animal. For example, she has the ability to build her sleeping nest independently. For the time being she will stay in the socialization cage and remain under observation. We are confident that she will be a happy, free and independent orangutan in the not too distant future.

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