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FREEDOM IS CALLING Soon six young orang-utans will join 167 orang-utans that have already been reintroduced in «Jambi». Full view


The New Year brings new joy: At the rescue and rehabilitation station six young orang-utans are ready to be taken to the reintroduction station in «Jambi».

Freedom is near: Soon six orang-utans will be on their way from the rescue and rehabilitation station of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme to «Jambi» before being released into the rainforest. There the young apes can readapt to their new life as wild animals. As soon as they are ready, the cage doors will be opened and the orang-utans may finally return to the wild.

The candidates being reintroduced:

Four-year-old «Citaria» was confiscated in November 2015. She was found frightened and dehydrated in a bag, to be sold in illegal wildlife trading. Fortunately, her future looks much brighter now.



Three-and-a-half-year old «Upin Kecil» is the only male of the group that is soon to be released. He was also a victim of wildlife trading and brought to the rescue and rehabilitation station in January 2017.



«Citrawan» was confiscated in Malaysia in 2015. She is approximately three years old. Little is known about her medical record. However, she is healthy enough to be released.



«Bobina» was brought in to the rescue and rehabilitation station with «Citrawan». She, too, is approximately three years old. Together with her friend «Citrawan» she is preparing to be released into the rainforest.



«Dara» was saved from illegal wildlife trading in November 2015 and brought to the rescue and rehabilitation station. During her stay she proved her strength and fortunately, did not show any health problems.



Four-and-a-half-year-old «Rambo Aprilia» was confiscated with «Dara» and saved from illegal wildlife trading. She proved herself to be a rugged orang-utan-girl.




In «Jambi», in the centre of Sumatra, the orang-utans will stay in the enclosures to adjust to their new surroundings of the rainforest. They will be observed by the caretakers for the first few weeks and led into the rainforest to discover their new future home. As soon as they are able to look after themselves they will be released into the wild for good.

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