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FOR ORANGUTANS: FROM SUMATRA TO THE UK Pandu in the field: Just over a year ago Dr. Pandu Wibisono was in action, evacuating and rescuing a fully-grown orangutan male. - OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Full view


Anaesthesia, Pathology, Cardiology, Medical Imaging and Orthopaedics – these a only a few of the fields of expertise, of which veterinarian Dr. Pandu Wibisono can profitfrom in the scope of his advanced training by British experts. 

OVAID stands for Orangutan Veterinary Aid. The driving force behind this UK based charity is a British married couple, who have been supporting orangutans for multiple years now. For around five years OVAID has been donating medical equipment and supplies to the rescue and rehabilitation station of our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, providing their veterinarian expertise on site and as of late allowing Indonesian veterinarians to receive advanced training in Europe.

Dr. Pandu Wibosono has been practicing veterinary science in our reintroduction station in the Jantho territory, adjacent to the Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra. The young veterinarian monitors the health of candidates due to be reintroduced and others that have already been reintroduced and intervenes, when it is necessary. He was educated in Sumatra. Now he has ended up, for the first time, in Europe, more specifically in England. OVAID has invited Pandu and a Bornean colleague for further training. The first five weeks of their stay were spent in the University of Liverpool in a teaching clinic, followed by further education in Paignton Zoo in the South of England. To round off their stay, the two of them are allowed to continue their training in Chester Zoo in the Northwestern part of the island. The wide ranging training is a big opportunity for Indonesian veterinarians. Concerning Pandu’s selection Nigel Hicks, OVAID’s co-founder and leader, commented the following: « «Pandu was selected because of his dedication and the possible benefits for him working in relative isolation in Jantho. He really is an excellent candidate, conscientious, thorough and eager to gain expertise and is a pleasure to be with. We are sure that he will take back ideas to help him with his work. He is also committed to SOCP / PanEco YEL and the orangutan cause so we believe that this is positively capacity building.»

Special thanks go out to OVAID for their remarkable and passionate commitment to orangutans. Because of their dedication, Pandu were allowed to enjoy technically valuable, exciting, socially challenging and enriching days in the UK. Thank you so much!

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