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CLIMBING HAS TO BE LEARNED Concentration and focus: Ramadhani learns how to climb. Full view


Wild Sumatra orangutans move around in the leaf canopy of the rainforest, eat and sleep in the treetops. But still, climbing has to be learned.

The training in the rescue and rehabilitation station starts at an early stage. As soon as the orangutans are fit and well enough after their arrival and a certain time in quarantine, they will not only join a group enclosure, but will also be put together in the climbing garden – in addition to the practical learning of the climbing skills this also helps them to socialize. The climbing garden is outdoors and offers enough space for the little ones to romp around. By doing so they learn in a playful way but also from older apes how to move nimbly in the trees.


When the young animals are a bit older, they can perfect their climbing skills in a rain forest area in the rescue and rehabilitation station. While some are learning easily and fast, others need more of patience. This is not surprising because an orangutan who has been locked up for months or years in illegal captivity needs time to adjust to the rainforest.

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