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KRISMON LEARNS HOW TO BE AN APE Krismon expects a brigther future Full view


At the end of May, Krismon arrived at the rescue and rehabilitation station in our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme. After years in captivity the 20 years old male orangutan has to recover and regain his former strength.

Krismon used to live in the house of a military official in captivity. As he was a cuddly infant, the owner-family treated him like a child: He used to live inside the house, they fed him at the table – Krismon sitting on a chair. They even took him on family vacations! Once he began to grow, they placed him into cage – far to small for him! His fate was existing in a rusted cage and being held on a diet consisting mainly of rice.

After his confiscation a medical health test confirmed Krismons poor physical constitution. This was the result of the unnatural diet and the restriction of mobility over years! The following months were dedicated to sensitive care – in order that a «normal» life as an ape will be possible soon.

The story of Krismon is a good example for showing the difficulties of our work at the rescue and rehabilitation station. Most likely Krismon never will be able to be released into the forest anymore. Our dedication is it to treat every orangutan with the needed and well deserved carefulness.
Luckily most of our patients can sooner or later be released into the forest again !

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