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PartnersAnthropological Institute & Museum of the University of Zurich
Study of the evolution of humans and their behaviour, joint research station on Sumatra.

Caritas Switzerland
Emergency relief for disasters and reconstruction worldwide, joint construction of a provincial hospital in Aceh.

Leuser International Foundation
NGO founded in Indonesia which campaigns for the conservation of the Leuser ecosystem on behalf of the government. Regina Frey is a member of the board of trustees. 

Orang-Utan in Not e.V. (Orangutans in peril)
Support our reintroduction station in Jantho and generally endeavour to protect and conserve the last wild orangutans on Borneo and Sumatra.

Orangutan Foundation UK
Conservation programme for orangutans on Borneo, cooperation with SOCP since 2005.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO
Association of investors, producers, distributors and environmental and social organisations which campaign together for the sustainable production and use of palm oil. 

Gen Au Rheinau Association
Joint project of the Fintan Foundation, Sativa, Bio Suisse and Greenpeace Switzerland for GM-free agriculture, co-organiser of the farmers’ vegetable market 1001 Gemüse & Co. (de)

Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources

Frankfurt Zoological Society
International nature conservation organisation and development company of Frankfurt Zoo, joint running of the resettlement centre at Bukit Tigapuluh

Zurich Zoo
Ambassador between humans and nature; supports projects to conserve species and their habitats.

Bruno Manser Fonds
Fund for the conservation of tropical rainforests and for the rights of the people who live in rainforests with a focus on Sarawak.

Fintan Foundation
Foundation with biodynamic agricultural businesses which campaigns for ecological and social quality in the Rheinau region. (de)

Related institutions       Fauna & Flora International
The oldest nature conservation organisation in the world 

FIAN International
Fighting hunger and human rights

Forests Now Declaration
International movement for market reforms and CO2 strategies to protect the rainforests.

Monkey Business
Use fundraising events to support orangutan projects such as our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP. (dutch)

Oxfam International
International association which campaigns against poverty and social injustice.

Pro-Natura UK
Subsidiary of the South American Pro-Natura International which campaigns for sustainable development of rural societies in the tropics.

A team from Hong Kong on expedition through 10 countries of Southeast Asia; with the travel documentaries they collect donations for local foundations.

Swiss/Columbian working group for respecting the political, economic and cultural rights of the Columbian people. (de)

Borneo Orangutan Survival Association BOS
The organisation founded in Zurich campaigns for the survival of the orangutans on Borneo. (de)

Bern Declaration
Independent development policy association which campaigns for global justice.

Citizens’ initiative for a specific contribution to climate protection, i.e. CO2 reduction.

The international NGO supports small farmers and social movements in their struggles for better control of the food systems and more biodiversity.

Rainforest Rescue
Lobbying and information activities in Germany and also support for people who campaign on-site for the rainforest, indigenous rights, social progress and sustainable development.

Precious Woods AG
Leading company for sustainable forestry with the motto: the best way to protect tropical forests is to use them sustainably.

Since 2013, éducation21 has pooled together the different themes of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) for the Swiss education system. The foundation promotes the implementation of ESD at the national, language region, cantonal and school levels.

The Paradigm Shift Project
This project combines donors from industrialised countries with organisations from developing and emerging countries and provides local NGOs with tools for environmental education and fundraising. 

Swiss association, founded to support orphans and victims of the Bukit Lawang flash flood.

Grünwerk People and Nature Association
Implementation of charitable tasks in the region of Winterthur and in Cameroon, joint appearance at Afropfingsten festival. (de)

Nature conservation & sustainability
Is the leading Swiss platform on the theme of sustainability. It provides extensive information on various themes and initiatives related to sustainability and a sustainable lifestyle. (de)

IndonesiaGender Wayang
The professional musician couple Elena Szirmai and Otmar Kramis play the virtuoso Indonesian Gender Wayang, consisting of two or four instruments, with the delicate tonal filigree of chamber music.

Indonesian bamboo orchestra
Angklung Orchestra Pada Suka Zurich (de)

Association Indonesia-Switzerland
Association for cultural promotion of Indonesia-Sweitzerland (de)

EcotourismSustainable tourism
Travel links für sustainable tourism (german) (de)

Rainforest Lodges
Ecotourism to help protect the rainforest: the Rainforest Lodges provide a pure rainforest experience with expert local guides and also promote organic coffee farming.