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MARK LAK-LAK AND HIS INJURIES The state of health of Mark Lak-Lak has improved during the last two months. Full view


Having a toothache is already painful enough.But in combination with injuries all over his body and signs of depression the orangutan who is currently staying in the SOCP rescue and rehabilitation station has to suffer even more. This is the story of the young male orangutan «Mark Lak Lak».

Mark Lak-Lak was taken to the station on July 13th this year. He was in a really bad condition and had to cope with burn injuries, toothache and gum problems. Furthermore he was really thin, dehydrated and gave the impression of being depressed. Our veterinaries treated his wounds and realised that they had to extract one of his teeth. As a result his toothache the orangutan had only been able to eat soft fruits like bananas.

After two month of medical treatment Mark Lak-Lak is doing much better and the injuries on his skin and in his mouth are healing well. As a result he is capable to eat more varied food again. However, the healing of his mental trauma is taking much more patience. Mark Lak-Lak is extremely suspicious towards humans. Without knowing what really happened to the orangutan, we have to fear the worst. Nevertheless it is absolutely important that Mark Lak-Lak gains trust towards humans to make optimal care possible for him. This will be necessary in order to prepare him for a release into the wild at an appropriate time.

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