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Featured in the documentary «Before the Flood» and «Time to Choose»

2016 – «Before the Flood» and «Time to Choose»

Ian Singleton, PanEco employee and Director of the Orangutan Conservation Program SOCP, was featured as expert in Leonardo DiCario’s documentary «Before the Flood» and Charles Ferguson’s «Time to Choose».

Before the Flood
Time to Choose

«PanEco resigns from RSPO over ‘sheer level of inaction’»

2. 6. 2016 – Mongabay

Article about the resigning of PanEco at the Round Table of Sustainable Palmoil RSPO.


«Tripa’s Trials: protecting key orangutan habitat through the courts»

13. 4. 2016 –  Mongabay

Prime Sumatran orangutan habitat is under attack by oil palm companies, but conservation NGOs are learning to use the law to halt that destruction.


«Indonesia jails orangutan trader caught with baby ape»

13. 7. 2015 – Yahoo

Article about one of the successful prosecution of an orangutan trader in Sumatra.


«Solving the riddle of the palm oil boom»

December 2014 – BBC Wildlife (GB)

Documentation about the problematic with palm oil and the threat to go along for the orangutans.


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