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SUPPORTING ORANGUTANS WITH COFFEE The Orang Utan Coffee is drying in the warehouse in northern Sumatra. Full view


Supporting orangutans in Sumatra with your daily cup of coffee? Ever since the foundation of our partner «Orang Utan Coffee Project», this is not problem anymore. A new map is now showing where the coffee is available.

More than 200 peasants are cultivating coffee in the highlands of Sumatra. Their coffee is produced in accordance with Indonesian guidelines for biological cultivation and additionally with the criteria of the Orang Utan Coffee project. Meaningthe farmers not only adhere to biological cultivation, but do not engage in logging rainforest, hunting or trading legally protected plant or animal species. The production of orangutan coffee is not only fair and ecologically sustainable, but also directly supports the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP. With each kilo of green coffee sold, a financial contribution is paid to our program.

Sumatra’s farmers are selling their coffee raw, not roasted, to the “orangutan coffee project”. Buyers all over the world obtain the raw coffee and give it a unique flavour through their own roasting. The coffee is processed by 60 roasting houses all over the world, sold in shops and served in coffee shops

 Here you can buy/enjoy the tasty Orang Utan Coffee  

We want to thank the Orang Utan Coffee for their highly valuable support!

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