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She is one of 49 orang-utans currently being tended to in our rescue and rehabilitation station of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP: The four-year-old «Molika».

For the last two years, «Molika» has been held as an illegal pet in a small enclosure, which she shared with another primate, a macaque. At the end of last June came her life changed for the better: the «OIC» organisation freed her from the fangs of her owners and brought the orang-utan to our rescue and rehabilitation station in Sumatra.

A first medical examination showed that «Molika’s» health was in a surprisingly good state, so that she does not have to fear any long-term damage stemming from her captivity. In the short run, however, she is struggling with a fungal skin infection caused by malnourishment. Her skin on the head, arms and legs is affected, but with targeted medical treatment, this should be manageable. Her previous owners fed their «pets» with their leftovers – that is how «Molika» came to eat salted fish and rice.

In the rescue and rehabilitation station, she is currently in quarantine. There, she is being medically monitored and her skin disorder can be cured. Furthermore, she can gradually accustom herself to the new conditions, learn to move and eat «real» orang-utan-food, primarily consisting of soft fruits. Afterwards, she will be moved to the socialisation cage, where she can learn everything she needs to for her future life in the protected rain forest in a group of orang-utans roughly the same age.

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