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NOW IT´S URGENT! We need your help in order to be able to build individual enclosures in our quarantine and rehabilitation station. And they are urgently needed! Full view


We need your support – and now would be best! Within a month, we should collect CHF 20`000 for three new orangutan enclosures at our quarantine and rehabilitation station.

Sometimes things do not go the way you think. After arriving in Europe, the Covid-19-virus has also spread in South East Asia. Also affected is Sumatra, the last place on earth where the Sumatran orangutan lives. For 20 years, our Orangutan Conservation Programme runs a quarantine and rehabilitation station for these unique Great Apes. The orangutans in need who currently live in our care, will one day be able to spend their lives in the rainforest again. But rearing and rehabilitating orangutans that used to live in captivity or were chased from their habitat, is expensive and takes a lot of time.

At the beginning of the year, the situation at the station intensified. Many new arrivals led up to 74 orangutans that currently live at the station and need daily care. In average, the station hosts about 50 orangutans. So the capacity of the station is now already at its limit. Due to the Corona crisis, we expect even more arrivals: Many animal owners will give up their orangutans to the authorities because they fear to be infected. Unfortunately, orangutans are still being kept as pets throughout the island, although it is prohibited by law. These rescued apes are brought in and we have to keep them in quarantine in order to prevent infections and spreading of diseases. This situation is now aggravated because scientists assume with high probability that the Corona virus can also be transmitted to orangutans. Therefore we need more separate enclosures, of which there are currently too few.

Our team in Sumatra has also started preparations in case of an emergency in order to react as quickly as possible by building five new, spacious and stable enclosures. Two of them are considered to be for big, adult orangutans whereas the other three are meant to host young orangutans. The new enclosures are expensive and cannot be financed by the normal budget. That is why we need your help! Please support our crowdfunding campaign with an amount of your choosing and help our conservation programme to rescue the orangutans in need.

In addition to the construction of new enclosures, we are also trying to comply with the strict precautionary measures against Corona infections in Sumatra. Click on the link to learn about the measures that have already been taken:
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