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The Bungerthof is an organic farm which advocates sustainable environmental education and has diverse farming practices.

Nature is treated with appreciation and respect at the Bungerthof. The farm places value on a holistic approach and uses resources carefully. A herb and wild plant garden has been set up at the farm, standard fruit trees also grow and milk sheep round off the diversity. The raw products are largely processed directly on the farm and are available in the farm shop or from regional dealers. The Bungerthof encourages people to join in and provides fascinating insights into the wonderful nature around the farm.


Visitors to the Bungerthof can try things out, observe and marvel at what they see. The Bungerthof provides fascinating insights into nature at various events for children, families and school classes.

> School Garden project

> Public sheep shearing


The East Friesian milk sheep at the Bungerthof enjoy the fresh air all year round in Berg am Irchel and in the surrounding pasture grounds. Every spring a public sheep shearing takes place. Between May and October, after the lambs stop drinking their mothers’ milk and use the grassland which is rich in herbs, cream cheese is produced.


The plants and vegetables from the Bungerthof garden are used to make various products such as herbal salts, syrup and tea. Plums, apples and pears grow on the farm’s standard fruit trees. People of all ages can also go on a discovery tour of the garden and explore the various smells of the plants.

      Website of the Bungerthof (only available in German)