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REINTRODUCTION 2.0 These are the boxes which were used to take four orangutans to Jantho where they will be released into the wild again. Full view


Sometimes you need a second chance: This spring, four orangutans who had already been released, had to be picked up again and had to be fed and nursed. They are now in the reintroduction station in Jantho.

In all cases we monitor the behaviour of the orangutans after their release. As far as these four apes are concerned it became clear that they would need further assistance.All of them had been healthy and in good shape and after a longer stay in the rescue and rehabilitaion station and an acclimatization phase in the reintroduction station, they were released into the rainforest. Find out why the four had to come back into our care:

The fourth, Rachmad, was discovered with a shoulder injury. In this condition he could not have survived in the rainforest.

After their second recovery phase in the rescue and rehabilitation station the orangutans were transported back into the rainforest of Jantho. After the individual acclimatization phase they will be released again, if possible, in pairs. Often it is easier for orangutans to cope with life in the rainforest if they are teamed together in the initial period after the release. We wish these four animals all the best and hope that this time they will be able to enjoy their life in the rainforest for good.

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