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#SAVELEUSERECOSYSTEM This young orangutan looks towards an uncertain future Full view


Yesterday a court in Sumatra should decide, whether the Leuser ecosystem will be better protected in the future. The cancellation of the currently valid spatial plan of Aceh is requested. This would open up the way for an improved rainforest protection. Unfortunately, the decision has been postponed for three weeks.

The rainforest area in the north of Sumatra is the last natural habitat of the world where tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans live together in freedom. Unfortunately, it is severely threatened by the devastating hand of humans. Paradoxically, the vast area with its ecosystem services (such as water supply or protection from environmental disasters) is also the livelihood for over for million people.

Background: In 2013, the government of Aceh, the northernmost province of Sumatra, adopted a new spatial plan. Since then, it has been possible to cut the rainforest of the Leuser ecosystem for palm oil plants, mines, or other infrastructure. The spatial plan has been implemented with disregard for national Indonesian legislation that protects the Leuser ecosystem and prohibits any harmful development. For this reason, a group of civilians have been trying to prevent this negative development and the destruction of the Leuser ecosystem for years. As a last resort, the activists filed a lawsuit against the Aceh spatial plan.

For our Sumatran-Orangutan-Protection-Programme it is essential that the Leuser ecosystem, natural habitat for over half of the endangered Sumatran orangutans, is well protected. We fight for the most restrictive spatial plans and for compliance with national laws in Sumatra! That iswhy we support the activists with information from our program. We will of course communicate the decision of the court in our news section as soon as it is available.

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