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TOP NOTCH SURGERY ON THE ORANGUTAN A five-member team focused at work: The operation on the open leg of Orang-Utan «Udin» Full view


97% congruence of the genome: The orangutan differs genetically only marginally from humans. Therefore, in mid-July, a medical doctor, more specifically an orthopedic surgeon from Switzerland, operated on the leg fracture of an orangutan male in the rescue and rehabilitation station in Sumatra.

Five doctors operated for five hours – our doctors of the Sumatra Orangutan Conservation Program under the direction and supervision of Dr. Andreas Messikommer with the aim to « repair » the leg of Orang-Utan «Udin». The operation was successful.

“Udin” is a familiar face. Five years ago we released the male from Jantho into the wild and monitored him since then. He seemed to enjoy his life in freedom. But in the middle of June this year he was caught up with a problem on the leg. Our senior veterinarian, Dr. Yenny Saraswati, X-rayed the leg in Jantho and discovered a complicated fracture. As this was not a routine intervention, Dr. Messikommer was asked to perform the surgery.

Only a few days after the surgery, “Udin” appears to be back on track. He is already sitting up and eating his favorite fruits again. After a longer recovery process, he will be able to move comfortably in the freedom of the rainforest.

We would like to thank Dr. Andreas Messikommer, who repeatedly provides his knowledge, skills and time for free to us.

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