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SUMATRA AND BORNEO: JOINT EFFORTS IN ORANGUTAN PROTECTION The rainforest serves as a workplace: The SOCP employees Samidan and Khalidin at work. Full view


Improving the global protection of orangutans by exchange of experience and knowledge.
This was the aim of an exchange of staff between our Sumatra Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP) in Sumatra and the International Animal Rescue (IAR) NGO in Borneo in May.

Samidan and Khalidin, staff at the Research and Rehabilitation Station in Jantho, spent two exciting and valuable weeks in May in Borneo in a reintroduction station for Borneo orangutans. In return, two IAR employees had the possibility to work in Jantho. The exchange of experience, information and knowledge is so important, because we can learn from each other and protect the orangutans together.

As well as at work  in Jantho, Samidan and Khalidin also spent some time watching the orangutans in their natural habitat in West Kalimantan at Gunung Tarak Station. Both in Sumatra and in Borneo, the orangutans are studied – monitoring workers follow the animals while they are awake and record their routes and exciting behavior patterns. This research helps to protect the orangutans. Thereby, the two learned about some differences between the Sumatra and the Borneo orangutan.

A striking difference is the workplace of the employees. While Khalidin and Samidan are used to following the apes in mostly dry and hilly rainforest areas, the Borneo orangutans live in Gunung Tarak in the swamp rainforest. The time of the observation phase is also different: in Borneo, the orangutans wake up in the middle of the night and in the afternoon, they build their nest for the night. In Sumatra on the other hand, the apes leave in the morning and settle down later for a night’s rest.

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