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SWISS DAIRY COWS ARE FED WITH PALM OIL The report on palm oil by the political programme « Rundschau » was broadcasted on 31.5.2017 at 20.55 on SRF1. Full view


In many cases palm oil is still added to consumer goods – undeclared, and this is even legal! As the “Rundschau” (SRF 1) reported this also happens with the feed for Swiss dairy cows.

Approximately 50% of all products in the local supermarket contain palm oil. An informed consumer can find out quickly which food products contain palm fat. The same is more difficult with cleaning products or cosmetics. Without a special app or knowledge of the chemical ingredients it is quite difficult for consumers to recognize products with palm oil.

The Swiss Farmers’ Union fell into the same trap in May. The responsible people there were not aware that they also feed their farm animals with undeclared palm oil. Only the “Rundschau” editorial opened their eyes. All this happened while the farmers lobbied against the unpopular oil in the parliament building with the support of various environmental organizations, including PanEco.
Watch the entire report (DE):

Together with other environmental organizations, consumer and farmer associations, we also engage ourselves on the political level to ensure that parliamentarians can make informed decisions. Switzerland is still in negotiations on the free trade agreement with Malaysia and Indonesia. The biggest issue is Malaysia’s demand for a tariff exemption for palm oil. The coalition takes a strong stand against this demand because this would create further incentives for palm oil cultivation.

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