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TEACHING AIDS FOR THE ORANGUTAN HAVEN The first versions of the teaching aids were drafted in Indonesian - English versions will follow soon. Full view


The Orangutan Haven is a unique project that combines nature conservation and sustainable development in an innovative way. Recently, we also introduced teaching aids that can now being used for school classes on a trial basis.

The main focus of the work in the Orangutan Haven is environmental education. Interested groups, such as school classes, are informed about topics such as habitat protection, the importance of nature and the environment, the illegal animal trade and sustainable development. For this purpose, the team of our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme has worked intensively on an environmental education concept with the support of external experts. In parallel, various teaching aids for children and young people from kindergarten to high school were developed by Indonesian educators. The teaching materials include a workbook for each level and accompanying documents for teachers. The first version is currently in a feedback round and will later be translated into English. This will be followed by a pilot phase until the end of December, during which environmental education staff will be trained in the individual modules and the first test tours will be conducted with local schools.

In addition to the work for children and young people, we are pursuing two further goals with the Orangutan Haven: Firstly, raising public awareness about the plight of orangutans in the wild and the threat to their ecosystem is central. Secondly, we give orangutans that can no longer be released into the wild a more species-appropriate life in a high quality, natural environment. Unfortunately, we still can’t say for sure when the first orangutan will move from the Rescue and rehabilitation station to an island in the Orangutan Haven. We are in the middle of a bureaucratic process for the final permits.

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