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THANK YOU! DANKE! TERIMA KASIH! For your help, for every penny and for telling others! Full view


Fortunate in difficult times: Thanks to the successful crowdfunding campaign on the Wemakeit platform 38.000 francs were raised.These funds can now be used to build new enclosures and the necessary infrastructure at our rescue and rehabilitation centre, an essential part of the orangutan conservation programme. Since we received even  more than the 30’000 Swiss francs we initially asked for we can also build up feed stocks.

The massive consequences of the corona virus also affect our orangutan protection programme on Sumatra. Additional enclosures need to be built to isolate new arrivals and to protect the orangutans in the centre from infection. The protection concept also includes our employees on site and requires additional facilities and material. We are afraid of problems with the supply of food if the roads remain closed for longer. All this will cost a lot of extra resources that cannot be covered by the normal budget.

So we feel an enormous relief that so many people in Switzerland and elsewhere responded to our call for help and made generous donations. After only a few days, the urgently needed sum of 20.000 francs for the basic structure of the 5 new enclosures had been collected. Only a few days later the construction began.

This inspired us to also ask for additional support for fitting out the enclosures to make them as habitable as possible for the orangutans, for infrastructure around the enclosures and washing facilities for the care staff. We were overwhelmed by the success of this project. Donations continued to arrive when we had already reached our second goal of 30.000 francs. The non-budgeted consequences of the Corona crisis are even higher. Thankfully we received additional funding from other sources as well.

Ian Singleton, the head of the orangutan conservation programme, told us that the staff jumped up and down with joy after received the good news The orangutans probably wondered about the strange behaviour of their caretakers. Therefore, we would like to thank everyone who participated, either through their own donations or by forwarding the campaign link.

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