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THE ORANGUTAN HAVEN IS READY FOR THE ARRIVAL OF THE ORANGUTANS Here, orangutans that can no longer be released into the wild will soon be able to live out their lives in dignity Full view


After years of planning and building, the Orangutan Haven on Sumatra is finally ready for the orangutans to move in! The most important subprojects have been completed and we are waiting with excitement for the apes and the first school classes to arrive.

We are happy to announce that since the end of February everything is ready for the orangutans to move in. This includes not only the islands and the orangutan houses, but also the veterinary clinic, the staff headquarters, the guard house and the surveillance cameras for security, as well as a first toilet unit to receive school classes and soon also visitors. Visitor access, however, will have to wait a little longer, because the restaurant has not been built yet. However, it is already in the detailed planning stage and phase 1 will soon be finished. What is still missing are the orangutans and much needed funding to keep the project moving forward! Due to delays in the approval process and also because of the Corona pandemic, it will unfortunately take a little longer than planned until our eight orangutans can move into their new home.

Infrastructure of the Orangutan Islands

Veterinary clinic and staff canteen

Monitoring system

Toilet facility

Ecofarming Centre

In the future, the Orangutan Haven will be a home for orangutans that have come to us but unfortunately can not be released into the wild anymore. The Haven will become a place where these animals can still live a dignified life and where people can admire these fascinating animals with their own eyes. The encounter with the endangered animals and the education about the problems of rainforest destruction should sensitise the visitors of the Orangutan Haven in dealing with the rainforest and the animal and plant species living there.

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