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WELCOME TO THE ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION CENTRE SELOLIMAN IN JAVA Starting point for the efforts in nature protection: Since its inception has the environmental education centre Seloliman taught organic farming in its own garden. Full view


Environmental education is an important basis for nature protection. Therefore, the foundation PanEco supports three environmental education centres in Indonesia. We take you to a visit of the «PPLH Seloliman» on the Indonesian island Java.

The variety of subjects in the oldest environmental education centre in Indonesia is broad. Originally, the main focus was on organic farming. The so-called «eco-farming» is still a subject. But there are also other subjects like climate change, pollution, recycling, sustainable food, renewable energy and eco-tourism. For the different subjects, there are guided tours and workshops for groups, especially Javanese students.

PanEco founder Regina Frey was one of the founders of this environmental education centre in 1990. Today, PanEco supports the environmental education centre Seloliman with an annual amount of 15’000 CHF. A local foundation, which is independent from PanEco, runs the centre and employs about 50 employees. There are around 22’000 visitors every year in the centre. Together with the visitor centre, there is also a beautiful EcoLodge for tourists and other cheap accommodations for associations, schools and companies. The revenue of the «eco-tourism» is very important for the financing of the environmental education offers. Along with this centre on the Indonesian island Java, PanEco finances also two other centres: the PPLH Bohorok on Sumatra and the PPHL Puntondo on Sulawesi with the same amount.

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