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GIVING DAY FOR APES Your donation helps us to give orangutans like Wenda a good future in the rainforest. - Wenda, a young adult Sumatran orangutan released in Jantho. Pongo abelii Full view


For several years we have been participating in the «Giving Day for Apes» – a great and important thing for our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP and all the apes worldwide.

Giving Day for Apes is approaching, on October 12th. This special fundraising event has been taking place for several years – and is always an important day in the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme calendar.

Much needed funds are being raised for great ape and gibbon sanctuaries and rescue centres worldwide. With all the challenges captive apes must face and all the pressure on the rainforest, let alone the challenges to keep all of them safe during this coronavirus pandemic, places like the SOCP orangutan quarantine and rehabilitation centre in Sumatra need all the help they can get. Please support our work by visiting the link below before October 12th and considering a donation.

Many thanks from the SOCP and all the orangutans in our care!