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ZEWO-EXAMINATION SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED Hot off the press: The renewed ZEWO-certificate in "trustful" hands Full view


The start of October came with good news for the PanEco team: We successfully completed the re-certification of the ZEWO standard.  For more than 80 years the ZEWO-seal has confirmed the trustworthiness of aid organisations. PanEco is one out of 500 organisations in Switzerland, who carry the ZEWO-seal.   

In 2006 PanEco applied for the first time for a certification from ZEWO. We were very happy to receive a certificate. ZEWO conducts a new audit every five years. In July 2016 ZEWO revised and adjusted the required standards. Since then 21 standards have to be fulfilled in order to be regarded as a trustworthy non-profit-organisation, that uses donations for the designated purpose in an efficient and impactful manner and that provides transparent information. We proudly announce: PanEco has fulfilled all these standards in this year’s recertification.

What does it exactly mean to be ZEWO-certificated? What can you as a donor expect from PanEco? The 21 standards are divided into the following seven groups:

Public benefit status::
The non-profit organization carries out a charitable activity. This means that the organisation provides services in the interests of the community like social, humanitarian and sociocultural activities as well as environmental, nature and animal protection.


The organization acts ethically and with integrity. It means that the fundament of their work is honesty, transparency, respect, responsibility and integrity.


Management and organization:
The governing body and the board of trustees meet their responsibilities, avoid conflicts of interests and communicate vested interests transparently. The members of the board of directors provide their services on a honorary basis. Appropriate remuneration is paid to employees. Furthermore the organization has appropriate internal controls and a suitable risk management system.

The organization uses its funds efficiently for its designated purpose and acts as effective as possible. The organization has appropriate reserves and communicates transparently and honestly.


The annual financial statement provides a true and fair view of the financial position, results of operations and cash flows and is audited by independent qualified auditors.


Is the organisation a part of an international network, the fundraising organization is responsible for ensuring that the funds donated to it are used for their designated purpose.


Fundraising and communications:
The organization raises funds fairly, allocates donations to the stated purposes and respects data protection and donor privacy.



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