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TOO FAMISHED TO SURVIVE Gaunt and haggard - «Rose» is scarred by the exertions she went through. Full view


A female orangutan normally weighs between 30 and 50 kg. With 17 kg, «Rose» weighs clearly less. But she was lucky – she can recover in the rescue and rehabilitation station of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP.

In the beginning of March, «Rose» was searching for something to eat on the property of a farmer in Sumatra, she was evacuated and brought to a protected forest area. However, the supervision of the park quickly realized that she was in a veryy bad condition. Therefore she was brought to the rescue and rehabilitation station.

For 17 years, we have been caring and raising orangutans that were held as pets or were displaced from their original habitat and preparing them for their future life in the wild for already 17 years. «Rose» is one of three orangutans which were brought to the station in March. The fact that two of them were rescued from fields underlines the statement: «Habitat for orangutans is becoming short in Sumatra»!
But there is even more to tell about «Rose»: During the routine health check after her arrival, the vets found, apart from a fractured finger, five bullets lodged in her leg, abdomen and face. Farmers, who fear for their crop, often use air rifles – but whether they are only used to chase away crop thieves, like the orangutan, is an open question.

«Rose» will stay with us for a couple of weeks to months. Since she is a wild orangutan, she is already able to survive in the rainforest on her own. Therefore, she only needs to gain weight and let her finger heal. We are very confident that «Rose» soon will be reintroduced into the wild at the border of the Leuser ecosystem in Jantho.

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