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TWO NEW HEADS FOR PANECO Two long-standing members of our foundation council resigned and thus the door opened for two newcomers: Prof. Dr. Carel van Schaik and Viktor Giacobbo. Full view


Good news to report from the foundation council meeting on November 21st 2017: Two new foundation council members were elected to the committee.

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Carel van Schaik and Viktor Giacobbo to the foundation council of PanEco. Whereas Carel dedicates his scientific career to the orangutans and therefore is an essential partner and friend of our Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP, Viktor has been a valuable ambassador for those animals for years. We are glad to welcome this two reputable individuals within the ranks of our foundation council.

The foundation council is the supreme body of our foundation. Amongst other things the seven members have the economic responsibility of PanEco, are responsible for the strategic guidelines and further they nominate the managing board. It is the founder of PanEco Regina Frey who presides over the foundation council. The council is meeting four proper conferences a year. After four years in office new elections are conducted. The seal of ZEWO applies to PanEco and the foundation council.

We say goodbye to the environmental economist Dr. Barbara Dubach and to the surgeon Dr. Uma Grob. We want to thank them sincerely for their work for PanEco!

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