The Bird of Prey Sanctuary is a programme of the PanEco Foundation. It has been working in Berg am Irchel since 1956 to protect birds of prey and owls in a variety of ways and, in its professionalism, is unique in Switzerland. We are the regional contact point for questions about birds of prey and owls and take in injured, weakened or very young birds in our rehabilitation station. In addition, we raise visitors’ awareness of the protection of birds of prey and owls and a sustainable lifestyle on guided tours of the sanctuary.


What we want to achieve

Stable populations of birds of prey and owls in an environment where humans and animals live side by side and with each other.


What we are doing

Care, breeding and rehabilitation of birds of prey and owls

Injured, weakened or very young birds of prey and owls are cared for, medically treated and released when they are in good health.

Environmental education

At events and in tours of the sanctuary we inform children and adults about various topics related to birds of prey and owls and raise awareness about their active protection.

Collaboration in research projects

We are involved in a reintroduction project for Ural owls, work closely with the Ornithological Institute in Sempach to ring our patients and help increase knowledge about birds of prey and owls with various other research projects.

Practical nature conservation

We maintain ecologically valuable areas, install nesting aids for little owls, storks and co. and offer advice on and the sale of nesting boxes.




The impact we want to achieve

The habitat of birds of prey and owls in Switzerland is under increasing pressure from urban sprawl, heavy road traffic and intensive agriculture. Birds of prey and owls are protected species – yet more than half of the native species are on the red list of threatened species.

«Birds of prey and owls need our support and a place where they can be given professional care if necessary and released back into the wild as quickly as possible.»

Andi Lischke

Director of the Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary


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