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Would you like to adopt an orangutan or a bird of prey? We can offer you this opportunity!


Orangutan sponsorship

With the sponsorship you support the survival of the Sumatran orangutans and the preservation of their habitat. Every single orangutan released back into the rainforest gives us hope in the fight against the extinction of these great apes.

Our godparent animal


Hope was brought to us in March 2019. Her tragic story received media attention around the world: She was brought into our rescue and rehabilitation with 74 air rifle bullets in her body and a broken shoulder. A Swiss orthopaedic surgeon operated on the severely injured orangutan and saved her life. Unfortunately, Hope lost her eyesight, due to the air rifle bullets and will have to stay with us.

Your sponsorship for an orangutan

What does a sponsorship contain 

  • Certificate
  • Hope’s biography
  • A report on Hope’s health and progress at the station (1-2 times a year)

How much does it cost

By donating CHF 25.- a month or CHF 300.- a year, you are supporting Hope and the quarantine and rehabilitation station in Sumatra.

«Receiving reports from my sponsored animal makes me happy. It's great to hear about my orangutan's progress! These small, reliable donations, where you know what the money is used for, are what count!»

Sylvia Heider

Orangutan sponsor


Sponsorship for an individual bird

With a sponsorship of an individual bird  you support a patient of your choice at the Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary to help the animal to recover and be released into the wild.

Your sponsorship for a bird of prey or an owl


From the arrival of the patient up to its release.

What is included

  • A personal Certificate
  • Naming the bird
  • Release of the animal
  • Short guided tour through the station


Please note that it can take several weeks or months after registering for sponsorship until a bird of prey is available for release. You will be notified by us when a bird is ready for you.


CHF 300.–

Gift sponsorship

Gladly we send our sponsorship gift pack to you or directly to your presentee for a small extra charge of CHF 30. This includes a plush owl and a voucher for the sponsorship and the release. Please enter the contact details (first name/last name, place of residence, telephone number and email address) of the presentee in the comments field when registering.

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