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Thurauen Nature Centre

The nature centre gives an insight into the lively pasture landscape of the Thurauen floodplain. With the guided tours, exhibitions and adventure path, visitors find out how humans and nature can coexist.


From 2004 to 2011, PanEco ran the environmental education centre UBZ NeulandWeinland in Berg am Irchel. In 2009, the Canton of Zurich gave it the task of setting up and running a nature centre as part of the project «Hochwasserschutz und Auenlandschaft Thurmündung» (Flood prevention and pasture landscape at the mouth of the Thur). In the summer of 2011, the Thurauen Nature Centre at Steubisallmend in Flaach was opened and, since then, it has had the goal of enabling visitors to experience nature up close.


Raising awareness of our environment is of the greatest importance and also provides the basis for ensuring humans and nature can coexist in a lasting manner. The nature centre gives visitors a fascinating insight into the Thurauen floodplain, one of the biggest floodplains in Switzerland. It is one of the most species-rich habitats in Europe and forms a fine mosaic of many different biotopes. At the heart of the nature centre are the interactive exhibition «Kosmos Auenlandschaft» (Pasture landscape cosmos) and the adventure path through the floodplain forest habitat. Fascinating guided tours on specific themes also offer the opportunity to get to know the Thurauen floodplain in a special way. Events for groups, teams or school classes round off the offer and make their contribution to environmental education.


  • Last year an 6972 visitors went to the Thurauen Nature Centre where they are made aware of the particularities of a pasture landscape.
  • In average 70 school classes are visiting the exhibition of the nature centre or are taken on an excursions through the Thurauen floodplain.
  • In around 30 public excursions, courses and events each year, people of all ages find out fascinating things about the particularities and inhabitants of a pasture landscape.


The nature centre is run by the PanEco Foundation. It is funded mainly from income earned with guided tours and events, memberships, donations, and with support from other foundations.

      Website of the nature centre (only available in German)