Building Collaboration for Batang Toru Phase 2 Program

Orangutan protection, Rainforest protection
On May 18, 2022 in Medan, North Sumatra, a number potential partners attended a workshop to finalize the proposal concept for Batang Toru phase 2. The workshop aimed to monitor and evaluate the previous work as well as to build partnerships for the implementation of the next phase.

Between project phases

The first phase of the Batang Toru project will finish in June 2022. Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (Sustainable Ecosystem Foundation) is the main actor in the implementation of the activities. Our most important financing partner, a Liechtenstein Foundation, had provided the necessary funds for achieving the positive impacts regarding community development, governance, and the preservation of the Tapanuli orangutans. Therefore, the Liechtenstein Foundation expressed their potential interest to continue their support for the conservation of the ecosystem. The PanEco team in Indonesia supports the development of a proposal for Batang Toru phase 2 program which is supposed to start in July 2022.

Our activties in Batang Toru

For the last 4 years, PanEco, with the support from the Liechtenstein Foundation, has been continuously conserving the Batang Toru Ecosystem. The focus is on protecting and conserving the area through advocacy, boundary demarcation and the protection of key areas and in addition through building conservation initiatives and campaigning for the importance of the area as the Tapanuli orangutan habitat (Pongo tapanuliensis).

What next

The participants showed their enthusiasm to collaborate with PanEco for the realization of the second phase. During the workshop, we gathered essential information which will be included in the proposal. The participants will confirm their involvement which includes support in a multistakeholder coordination in order to maintain the Batang Toru Ecosystem, and in particular to increase the connectivity between fragmented populations of Tapanuli orangutan.

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