Our board of trustees

Elections for the Board of Trustees of the PanEco Nature Conservation Foundation took place in November 2021. Peter Hollenstein and Thomas Hofstetter were newly elected to the Council, while six existing members were confirmed in office.

New members

On the 8. November, the election of new members for the Board of Trustees of the PanEco Foundation took place. Adriano Viganò left the Board of Trustees in 2021 at his own request after many years of service. The Foundation thanks him sincerely for his commitment. Thomas Hofstetter and Peter Hollenstein were newly elected. They complete the new eight-member PanEco Foundation Board, which is chaired by the founder Regina Frey.

Peter Hollenstein

Peter Hollenstein is looking forward to his new office: “For many years I have been committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, both professionally and privately. Environmental education, especially of younger generations, is an important prerequisite for this. I am honoured to now be able to support the PanEco Foundation in its important work as a member of the Foundation Board.” The sustainability expert and managing director of the Swiss outdoor clothing manufacturer Rotauf is now member of the Foundation Board.

Thomas Hofstetter

Simultaneously, Thomas Hofstetter, an environmental engineer and environmental education expert, was elected to the Foundation Board. The Foundation and he have already worked together in the context of his activities at the Regional Nature Park Schaffhausen. About his new office Thomas Hofstetter says “I am very happy to support PanEco in environmental education and to work on interesting topics together with many exciting people”.

Re-election of the previous members

The previous members of the Board of Trustees, Karin Koch, Samuel Frey, Claudia Lutz-Campell, Viktor Giacobbo, and Prof. Dr. Carel van Schaik were re-elected and Regina Frey was confirmed as President.

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