PanEco in 2021

Our new annual report is here! 2021 was marked by anniversaries: 25 years of PanEco and 10 years of the Thurauen Nature Centre. In addition, there were many other highlights and also challenges. We look back to 2021.

Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary

At the Berg am Irchel Bird of Prey Sanctuary we had more patients than ever before: 386 birds of prey and owls were admitted. Of these, 321 could be released after about three to four weeks, which corresponds to a high level of care success. Over 3500 visitors came to the station for a guided tour or other events and learned about the native birds of Switzerland.

Thurauen Nature Centre and Ranger Service

The team of the Thurauen Nature Centre welcomed over 10’000 people at the exhibition or events. Among other things, we informed visitors about the revitalisation of the Thur and the floodplains as particularly threatened and valuable habitats. In addition to the «Thurauen» the ranger service looked after a new area, called «Husemersee». Both sites were popular destinations and our ranger team provided information about currently occurring species or the applicable protection ordinances.

Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP

As part of the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP, nine new orangutans were admitted to the Quarantine and Rehabilitation Centre, so that by the end of the year, 64 orangutans were resident at the Centre. Eleven orangutans were reintroduced to the wild in Jantho. We also continued our monitoring of the protected rainforest areas. Our rangers documented over 12ʼ600 illegal activities that violate the protection order. In addition, we continued or started many other projects, e.g. in the areas of research, environmental education, community development or illegal wildlife trade.

In our annual report you can learn more about our activities for nature and species conservation and environmental education in 2021. You can also get to know our team and see how your donations are used.

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