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2023 in a nutshell

Not everything that happens in a year makes it into the annual report. Here you can flick through the brief overviews of the events, news and highlights that didn’t get prime coverage but were no less important. 

Young orangutan Cemara is learning how orangutans survive in the wild so that she herself can return to the rainforest in a few years’ time.

The funding organisation UK Aid reviewed one of our grant projects in March. Here, a beekeeper of our beekeeping project is presenting the honey harvest and is answering the questions raised by the inspectors.

Megaloman had been living in the reintroduction station in Jantho since November 2022. However, he had broken a leg while practising climbing in the forest school and had to undergo an operation in April.

The PPLH Puntondo environmental education centre took the opportunity of International Environment Day to pick litter together with the neighbouring village.

June saw the PanEco exhibition, showcasing photographs by nature photographer Maxime Aliaga. His impressive series of images gave observers a vivid impression of the world of orangutans in the rainforests of Sumatra.

Our partner HAkA held the Bu-Moe Festival in Aceh in August. The purpose of the festival, featuring local artists, was to bring the importance of wildlife conservation to the wider public, particularly young people.

On 19 August, it was «Happy World Orangutan Day»! We celebrated the day on our social media channels together with our sister foundation YEL.

In October, we signed the newly revised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with our sister foundation YEL. The document secures our long-term collaboration going forward.

In November, we started our strategy process with the first workshop involving the entire team, Board of Trustees and some partners. Working in groups, we formulated long term goals and visions for the PanEco Foundation.

After 10 years, it was finally time: the first orangutans moved out of the enclosure of the rescue and rehabilitation station and onto the green islands in the Orangutan Haven. A highlight of our work in Indonesia!

Traces of illegal logging: the ranger patrols of our partner FKL documented illegal activities in the protected Leuser Ecosystem even in the last month of the year.

Want more? Download the full annual report here!

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