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The Orangutan Haven

PanEco’s Sumatran Orangutan Conversation Programme (SOCP) saved 270 orangutans since 2001, rehabilitated and reintroduced them back into the wild. However, some of the orangutans being cared for at the SOCP Quarantine Centre cannot be released into the wild for health or disability reasons. A new project, the Orangutan Haven, is the solution for these animals.

Orangutan Islands

The animals in the Orangutan can live out their days as appropriate for the species as possible. The separation by water moats allows the visitors to observe the orangutans in their natural. This gives them a better impression and understanding of nature and its inhabitants. We want people to better understand the impact their own daily decisions have and to adapt those in the interest of rainforest protection.

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Main Objectives

  • Provide un-releasable orangutans with a high quality natural environment in which to live out their days in comfort
  • Inform the public of the plight facing wild orangutans and other species in their natural habitat, and the impact the human behaviour has on them
  • Educate visitors regarding habitat protection, the importance of the natural environment, animal trade and sustainable development


The orangutan islands are currently under construction. The former rice field on the area is going to be transformed into an island landscape in the following months. In addition to the islands there is a settling basin in the upper course of the stream, where the fluviatile sediments are going to be deposited. Furthermore we are planning to build houses this year for the orangutans to spend the nights and – if necessary – to get their appropriate medical treatment. Besides the work on the 32 meter long bamboo bridge is progressing rapidly. Regarded as «the gate» to the Orangutan Haven, this bridge will show the visitors the sustainable usage of the resource bamboo.