The Annual Report 2022 is here!

A year with some changes has gone by – in terms of personnel as well as in the three programmes: Bird of Prey Station Berg am Irchel, Nature Centre Thurauen and the Orangutan Conservation Programme in Indonesia. As an organisation as well as a team, we have developed further and taken on new challenges. We invite you to take a look at the recent past and browse through our three programmes!

PanEco in 2021

Our new annual report is here! 2021 was marked by anniversaries: 25 years of PanEco and 10 years of the Thurauen Nature Centre. In addition, there were many other highlights and also challenges. We look back to 2021.

Our board of trustees

Elections for the Board of Trustees of the PanEco Nature Conservation Foundation took place in November 2021. Peter Hollenstein and Thomas Hofstetter were newly elected to the Council, while six existing members were confirmed in office.

How it all began

What began many years ago as a visionary’s project has celebrated its anniversary in 2021. We are talking about our Thurauen Nature Centre. An employee since the very beginning, Cornelia Jenny, and the current deputy manager of the Thurauen Nature Centre, Sonja Falkner, look back on the last few years.

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