Orangutan protection

A visit to our Indonesia projects

Trips by Swiss PanEco staff to our programmes in Indonesia are very important to ensure a good cooperation with our local partners and staff. My name is Melina Erdin and I have been working for PanEco for one year. In June I visited our programmes in Indonesia for the first time. I would like to take you with me on my journey and give you an insight into my travel diary.

Orangutans: dangers of reintroduction

It is anything but easy to release young orangutans who have spent most of their lives in the care of humans, into the wild. Each year we release an average of 15 animals in our two reintroduction centers. Read about what could go wrong and how we try to prevent this from happening.

Camera traps in action

They are small, inconspicuous, and easy to operate and
and have proved invaluable for scientific work in remote areas such as the Sumatran rainforest. Wildlife cameras can provide us with important data on the biodiversity of the orangutan hbitat. See below who blundered into our cleverly placed camera traps last year!

Bamboo – sustainable building material

On Sumatra, near the large city of Medan, a home for Orangutans has been under construction since 2016. It is intended as a haven for those animals which can no longer be released into the wild, and which can spend their old age in dignity on several islands, close to nature. The Orangutan Haven is a unique environmental education centre that will be opened to the public as soon as possible. Visitors will also be able to experience many examples of sustainable construction techniques.

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