Sustainable development

Planting mangroves and community work

One of the preconditions for implementing successful environmental protection programs is
to raise the level of knowledge and general awareness among the population. For this
reason, PanEco is committed to contribute to environmental education in both Switzerland
and Indonesia. More than 20 years ago, we initiated the Environmental Education Centre
PPLH Puntondo on the island of South Sulawesi and we have supported it financially and
professionally ever since. Learn more about the activities of the PPLH

How it all began

What began many years ago as a visionary’s project has celebrated its anniversary in 2021. We are talking about our Thurauen Nature Centre. An employee since the very beginning, Cornelia Jenny, and the current deputy manager of the Thurauen Nature Centre, Sonja Falkner, look back on the last few years.

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