PanEco in 2021

Our new annual report is here! 2021 was marked by anniversaries: 25 years of PanEco and 10 years of the Thurauen Nature Centre. In addition, there were many other highlights and also challenges. We look back to 2021.

A day in the life of Damson

The reintroduction station in Jantho is located in the middle of the rainforest and is difficult to reach and only via off-road vehicle or motorcycle. The next village is far away. Therefore, the employees, like Damson, always stay for several days at a time at the station to pursue their valuable work.

Well cared for

From the day they enter the quarantine and rehabilitation station to the day they are released: the orangutans at the quarantine and rehabilitation station receive veterinary care throughout their stay. This happens through a standardised procedure.

Without happy end

Currently we care for around 70 orangutans in care at the quarantine and rehabilitation station in Sumatra. Most of them are preparing for a life in the rainforest. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot help all of the orangutans. Ocan unfortunately did not survive.

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