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Orangutan story

A nest for the night

Young orangutans who grow up in our quarantine and rehabilitation centre have to learn many things in order to survive in the rainforest once they are released. One of the most important and difficult skills is to be able to build a nest for the night. In the wild, the young learn this from their mothers.

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Evaluation in the Jantho Nature Reserve

How do we measure the impact of our work in Indonesia? How do we evaluate the implementation of our projects and programmes? Together with our sister organisation YEL and other long-term partners, we run a total of seven programmes in Indonesia. Last month, one of our grant projects was reviewed by the British funding organisation UK Aid as part of a three-year programme.

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Without happy end

Currently we care for around 70 orangutans in care at the quarantine and rehabilitation station in Sumatra. Most of them are preparing for a life in the rainforest. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot help all of the orangutans. Ocan unfortunately did not survive.

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